20 kWh XR Light Tower Generator

This 20kWh XR Twin Mast EcoLink® Light Tower Generator is capable of powering up to (10) EcoLink® Light Tower Generators or (3) large office trailers. This unit features (8) GGMP675 LED fixtures providing true white light unlike traditional metal halide fixtures for a safer working environment.

More Information:

  •  (3) NEMA CS6369 50A 125/250V
  • (1) NEMA Duplex 20A 120VAC GFCI
  • Cam-lock system
  • 341 gallon fuel cell - up to 450 hours of continuous operation
  • 25"-6' vertical hydraulic mast
  • Engine running strobe
  • Eco-friendly fluid containment system
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Arctic package available for cold climate areas
  • Fire extinguisher and grounding rod
  • RedTrac telemetry system for location detection, maintenance notifications and remote control ability
  • Tier 4 complaint
  • Five-point outrigger system can withstand up to 65mph wind gusts

GGMP675 LED Light Fixture

Our GGMP675 twin fixture provides the equivalent light of (2) 1000W metal halide fixtures.