70 kVA XR Stadium Light Tower Generator

he 70kVA XR Stadium EcoLink® Light Tower Generator is our flagship unit that is unlike any other light tower generator in the world.
Capable of completely powering most off-grid base camps, this unit features (8) GGMP675 LED fixtures mounted on an articulating 60' mast that will, in some cases, eliminate the need for additional light towers.
Our signature LED fixtures provide true white light, unlike traditional metal halide fixtures, at a full 60', instead of the traditional 25-30' light tower, dramatically reducing glare and shadows for a safer working environment.

More Information:

  • (5) NEMA CS6369 50A 125/250V receptacles
  • (1) NEMA Duplex 20A 120VAC GFCI receptacle
  • Cam-lock system
  • 403 gallon fuel cell - up to 100 hours of continuous operation at full load
  • (1) 60' articulating vertical pneumatic mast
  • Engine running strobe
  • Eco-friendly fluid containment system
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Arctic package available for cold climate areas
  • Fire extinguisher and grounding rod
  • RedTrac telemetry system for location detection, maintenance notifications and remote control ability
  • Tier 4 complaint
  • Five-point outrigger system can withstand up to 45mph wind gusts

GGMP675 LED Light Fixture

Our GGMP675 twin fixture provides the equivalent light of (2) 1000W metal halide fixtures.