LED Light Systems

Our heavy-duty LED light fixtures are engineered to replace traditional metal halide, halogen and high-pressure sodium fixtures commonly used in outdoor settings while consuming considerably less energy.
Our unique flood/spot design provides general area lighting while focusing additional lighting on the actual work area.
All GGE LED light fixtures carry a 5 year/50,000 hour guarantee.

Cinema & Event Light System

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Our rapid setup task light LED systems integrate seamlessly with all of our power systems as well as most generators and standard electrical outlets.


Safety and Efficiency Features

  • Instant on/off operation - no warm up
  • Accurate color rendering
  • Non-toxic (no mercury vapor)
  • Minimal radiant heat
  • IP68 rated
  • Low-power consumption
  • Lightweight and compact
  •  Easy to set up and operate
  • More effective light in the work area
  • 5 year or 50,000 hour guarantee

Common Applications

  • Roadways and Construction
  • Airports
  • Facilities
  • Sports Fields
  • Oilfield and Mining Operations
  • Rail and Ship Yards
  • Parking Lots
  • Film, TV &  Event Production
  • Agriculture
  • Disaster Relief

LED Industrial / Facility Light Fixtures


Our signature GGE675 twin fixture is our most powerful lighting solution, providing the equivalent lighting of (2) 1000W metal halide fixtures.
Our GGE440 twin fixture provides the equivalent lighting of a 1250W metal halide fixture.
Our GGE335 fixture was designed specifically to replace the 1000W metal halide fixture.
Our GGE150 fixture was designed specifically to replace the 500W metal halide fixture.