Equipment and Fleet Retrofitting

Considering the high initial costs associated with the purchase of new vehicles and equipment, retrofitting or "greening" existing vehicles and equipment may offer a much more economical solution in some cases.
We offer consultation and system design services for those entities capable of their own retrofitting programs and complete fleet/equipment retrofitting services for those that do not have the expertise or infrastructure to make the necessary modifications.
Cargo truck/cube trucks can be modified to provide up to 6 kWh of "green" power.  Larger generators can be modified with manual or pneumatic towers for lighting and surveillance systems without the need to purchase new equipment.

Design and Engineering Services

With experience in a wide variety of disciplines in the renewable energy sector, our engineering team can provide technical expertise and system design services as well as consultation for your mobile and fixed base projects.
We also provide training for your staff to implement equipment modifications and handle routine maintenance functions for solar/wind based power generation systems to reduce operating costs.